There is a type of hairstyle that has been repeated generation after generation in men, and it is one in which the hair is oriented to one side. They are a good option for those occasions that must be elegant and sober, such as a meeting, a job interview, formal or sober events … and the best of all is that they are easy to style, since we will only have to choose the direction that suits us the most. favors, and find the best way to guide him towards it.

Precisely, finding the correct division of the hair is a key fact that can make the difference between finding a good style, and one that does not favor us at all. The trick that can help us the most in this type of hairstyle is to use a good fixing gel that helps prevent any hair from sticking out, helping you achieve an even more impressive look. A hairstyle with a parting mark on one side, and with the hair facing the other side, it is very modern and manly.

Another option that we like a lot, for men much more rebellious, is to start from the previous example, but cutting the hair much more. The end result would be skewers (as if we were hedgehogs). Orient your hair upwards and use the gel to keep these spikes in place throughout the day. The key to this hairstyle is that it is very versatile, so any man can find the best way to adapt it to his personal style.

It seems that there is a clear trend in “sideways” hairstyles in which the toupee style predominates; however, it doesn’t have to be too extreme. It is possible that it is better for you to leave a more natural look, with greater personality, since it will give you a jovial and casual touch. Do you know what would look good on this type of Look ? A 2-day beard (or half beard).

There are different proposals that will allow you to style your hair correctly without having to make stripes or create some kind of division, and that have nothing to envy to other styles. If you have liked the previous hairstyles, but you need a somewhat more formal option (to go to a special event), you just have to keep reading. There are some styles that are a bit more risky than others, but it sure won’t take long to find the one you’ve been looking for.


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