Finally, it is the turn of stripes in men’s hairstyles . Stylists recognize that the requests for this type of hairstyle have progressively increased in recent years, and it is not for the better, taking into account the incredible style that they help us to wear. The truth is that they have become a trend thanks to football: and there are many players wearing this characteristic stripe. If you like football, and you see it regularly, then you just have to remember which player wore a striped hairstyle that you really liked, and try to imitate it.

One of the peculiarities of this type of hairstyle is that it can be very versatile; It can range from more basic stripes to more complex ones (which are only reserved for the most daring). This trend adapts to any taste, thus being able to find something with which you feel comfortable. If this is your first time trying stripes, you need to know as much as possible about them.

We start with the most common striped men’s hairstyles : they are characterized by letting the hair be prepared to adapt to any event, regardless of whether it is formal or informal. You should use wax or a setting gel to keep it in place. But, yes, whatever you do, it is important that the part always stands out, and that it always has the prominence that your hair requires. As it is not excessively complicated, you can go to any hairdresser to have it done … but you should know very well what you are looking for.

If basic stripes aren’t for you, maybe we should go for something more complicated and eccentric. First of all, we warn you that this hairstyle is quite daring: the idea is to make a part on the right part and then raise the hairstyle in the shape of a toupee, as high as possible. It allows you to change your style and adopt a very masculine personality. And, to completely finish off the elegance of the style, we can combine it with a well-groomed beard. It will allow you to give your best in any situation; Contrary to popular belief, it is not just a good option for informal occasions.

We continue with striped hairstyles for very daring men . The only requirement that we have to meet if we want to shape it is to have long hair on top. The one on the sides must be shaved, but we have to leave a line in the middle, well marked and visible, that cannot be hidden in any way. Of course, the beard must be present. This hairstyle is very modern and stylish. Surely you have no problem getting the hairdresser to do it for you. The only problem with it is that it is imperative to keep it completely retouched, and this can take a long time on your part.

The symmetry is a resource that can completely change the style of this type of hairstyle: we can get completely straight and shaped cuts in certain areas … But be careful! The slightest mistake could ruin months of your beard or hair growth. In this case, do not risk it: if you are looking for a particularly complicated and precise cut, it is worth contacting a professional, who will take care of everything.

And we end with the most daring proposal of all, even there are many men who do not quite understand the meaning of hairstyle. The idea is to completely shave the hair to a medium height, and leave it half short at the top. Two small, parallel lines will be “drawn” on the back. This will be paired with a heavily bushy beard. It will help you achieve a style of the most rebellious with which you are sure to become the center of all eyes.


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