The shaved cut is a classic type of cut, but this does not mean that it is boring, or that it does not have to look good. Quite the contrary: it is a type of haircut that helps to highlight masculinity, capable of enhancing the sexy appearance of any man. For this reason, more and more men are growing their hair short with a military shaved style, as you can see in the following images.

It is a haircut for men who are not looking for too many surprises or eccentricities, for those who play it safe. There are many celebrities who wear it, and it suits them very well, as is the case of Adam Levine of the iconic group Maroon 5 . You can see how well a haircut of this style looks, it will even help you to give it a try.

With a well remembered beard, this cut will look very special, since it will achieve an attractive and sensual touch. If you are a man who grows a beard evenly, and you want to try a new hair style, then you can go with this idea to your trusted hairdresser, and see what can be done. As long as he has good dexterity, he will leave you perfect for any type of engagement. Do not hesitate, dare with this style and tell us how you have done throughout the comments.

Of course, if what you are looking for is a haircut with a little more personality, you can add certain details to make it even more idyllic. They do not need to be extravagant details, but rather subtle. For example, you can add the famous stripes, and they are increasingly common elements in hairstyles, especially when we talk about shaved ones.

You can wear this haircut with or without a beard, so that any man can show off his more masculine side. Nor should you go overboard with the number of details, especially if you can’t see them clearly. You will need to dare a bit to make these new styles, but just choose what you are going to feel comfortable with.


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