As we have already mentioned, the latest trends in men’s haircuts point to styles in which the hair is worn long. The advantage of this type of hair is that we can do whatever we want with it, different hairstyles and options that will allow you to wear a completely incredible look, adapted for all kinds of situations. In the event that you have long hair, and you like to continue wearing it this way, you don’t need to cut it too long. Here you can find some options to continue maintaining the length of your hair, at the same time that you have a unique style. Read on to discover the different long haircuts for men :

Straight cut

It is a somewhat lighter type of haircut and for that reason, perhaps, it is the most suitable for you. The best thing about this way of wearing your hair is that you can comb or accommodate it to your liking, and according to what each situation requires. Do not worry if it is very hot, since you can pick it up whenever you want. You can also release it if it is not uncomfortable for you.

It is a 100% recommended hair style in the event that the cut is straight.

Gradient or scaled cut

Another option that is presented to us is the layered cut , which is also highly recommended for long hair. It has become a trend in recent years and helps men look super fashionable and nice. If your hair is long, all you have to do is ask the stylist to give you a scaled cut . Here we are going to show you some images of how well this style looks to many men.

Side shaved cut

A somewhat riskier haircut, which is also pure trend. The idea is to get a shaved cut at the ends, looking great if you have long hair. At the top you can do a lot of fancy stuff, or not get too complicated, throw it back and do a pickup.

One-sided buzz cut

You don’t need to shave both ends of your head (it is also true that it would be too daring a cut). A good medium alternative is to shave only one end. You can leave the rest of the hair long and take it to the side, either using a hairdryer, or letting it show its natural texture. We love this style, it is incredibly versatile and can be used on many occasions. If you decide to do it, we would ask you to tell us how you have done through the comments.

There are many tips and tricks that will help you treat your hair as it grows, to achieve the desired style. As writing them here would make this article take too long, we have prepared a video where we illustrate the best tips. If you are a man who already has a good hair, you cannot stop seeing it. The protagonist of the video is a boy who will give us certain tips to make the most of long hair, being able to wear it in a completely spectacular way. In addition, you can also comb it in the best way.


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