The tail is the element that will never fail us to keep our hair at bay; With this accessory we can hold the hair when we don’t have much time to get ready, or do some real fancy stuff. Although we have already briefly described how the queue can be used throughout a myriad of styles, we want to expand the information a little to achieve a different style, which allows you to stand out on any occasion. Surely here you end up finding your favorite hairstyle.

Zayn Malik is a singer that we have seen in many events with the characteristic tail, giving support to his hairstyle. We can analyze their different styles, and take something as a basis to try to do something similar, to practice. An idea of ​​a simple hairstyle will only require on our part to have a headband or headband that supports: the trick of this is to use an element that is the same color as the hair, to camouflage it as much as possible.

But it is true that making just a high tail can be a bit boring, especially if we are looking to innovate with our style: there is something we can try, but it is only for the most daring, which already combines several styles . The idea is to create a hairstyle with a parted in the middle: below the part, everything will be shaved, and above it there will be a braid that will be placed before a characteristic crest, completely tamed with wax or special gel. It is an interesting style for occasions that are not often repeated: such as a wedding or a graduation.

More or less elaborate bows can save you a rush when you want to be perfect for an occasion, but you have no idea how to treat your hair. They are easy to do and will allow you to look great. You just have to know how to combine it with your personal style, and know how to identify which situations are the most appropriate to wear it. But, without a doubt, it is one of the best hairstyles for men that we can find.

If you already have a bit of a knack for braids, and don’t mind getting into something more complicated, you can try a double braid hairstyle that we love. The level of difficulty is medium … but if you have already tried root braids, and they have looked good on you, you shouldn’t have a problem: the idea is to make two root braids above the ear, getting it to be collected in two pigtails In the back. Obviously, to shape this style you will have to have a considerable amount of hair.


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