Another of the most common types of hair in men is wavy, in the same way that it is also in women. In certain cases it is somewhat difficult to inspire ourselves to find how to style it and cause style at the same time. But don’t worry too much about this, as there are many more ideas than you think. You just have to take a look at the different proposals that you will find below -> they can serve as a basis for continuing to innovate, thus achieving the perfect style.

Wavy hair texture is very common in men, so you should not despair if you do not find how to shape your hair and make it look good. You must put the thought out of your mind that it is very difficult, since it is not so difficult. You need to identify the strengths of your hair type, as well as its weaknesses in order to use them to your advantage. You just have to find the one that suits you best according to the outfit you want to wear that day. If you need ideas, you can always be inspired by the look of the famous.

We propose the following haircut: Shaved on the sides and wavy in the rest. That is, we will get tousled , but combed at the same time. This clear trend is being imposed on all kinds of celebrities and personalities who want to try new and current things. It is a good option for when you have to attend an event that is not too formal.

Are you not interested in these proposals, and are you looking for something more groundbreaking and daring? There are also some hairstyles that you can take a chance with. You can try a shaved cut on the sides, getting the rest to go to the side (especially if you have good waves). It is somewhat more complex, since you will have to study well how you have to adapt it, or how to use it if the occasion is formal, or rather informal. With some practice, you will find the style that suits you best.

We can draw on the style of Nick Jonas , the lead singer of the Jonas Brothers band . His hair is precisely wavy, but so well cared for that his styles end up becoming a pure trend. Part of a basic style where all hair is pulled back. The peculiarity is that, unlike many previous styles, hair does not concentrate in one area, but it is a little to the air , letting the waves are free. Take a look at your style and see if you are interested in imitating it.


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