Although most men’s hairstyles are geared more for short hair, this does not mean that the man who wants to wear long hair will not have options, far from it. In this section we are going to see all the options that are presented to you.

One of the proposals that we can do with long hair is to collect it at the top of the head, and grow a beard that we will take care of in great detail. You get a “heart attack” style, very masculine, with which no one is going to resist us. It is the perfect way to stand out at any event.

We can also try a variation of this hairstyle, making it short on the sides and making it continue to look long in the center area (remember that you must pick it up with a tail). In addition to being an easy-to-maintain hairstyle, it has the advantage of staying in place throughout the day.

There are more and more celebrities who grow their hair long: the most common is that they try to find the balance between unruly and sexy hair, but that is easy to care for. The truth is that finding a good way to style your hair is not difficult, although certain factors must be taken into account: how the event you are going to attend may be, or your personal tastes.

Also, you must remember that the style of the hair is not the only important thing. For example, the wardrobe you choose must appeal to you, it has to fit you well, and it must be related to the hairstyle you have chosen. It will be useless to spend hours having the perfect hairstyle, if we then choose an inappropriate wardrobe.

Another interesting way to keep men’s hair under control is with buns -> contrary to what some people think, it is not just a feminine hairstyle. It is more well designed for a type of informal occasion, for day to day, such as to go to university, to work, for a getaway with friends, or to be cool as soon as the temperatures begin to rise a bit. If you decide to try different styles, we would like you to tell us how well you have done throughout the comments.

If you want a hairstyle of note, you can opt for a semi-updo ; Perhaps it may shock you as soon as you read it, but it is another of those trends that more and more men follow. The braids is one of the best ways to get (away from your mind the thought that the braids are for women only). This way you will have full freedom to decide how you are going to wear your hair, allowing you to have them in the best conditions for different occasions. Do you dare with this style?

In the event that braids have seemed like a good idea, you might want to go for something even more radical, like root braids . It is a good resource for men with long hair, and you need to have a certain length to start doing them. The only thing you will have to master is the technique to do them yourself, and not have to resort to a hairdresser. It is not that it is complicated, but it needs something in the morning, and perseverance, to achieve something interesting. The tresses root for men are a modern option that breaks with the provisions.


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