As the years go by, many men will have to face the dreaded entrances; These can be uncomfortable, and difficult to wear for many men. If you also start to have them, you should know that there is no problem, since you have many options to use them in your favor and look in a unique style. You can hide them with a good haircut, adapting them to your personal style that enhances your personal features, even to make you look much younger.

We no longer have to shave all our hair completely to hide them; As you can see in this section, it is possible to use them to our advantage. For example, if your thing is long hair, here you can find a good haircut for men with entrances that will look great on you. It will blend well with your entries and you won’t need to apply so much detail to it.

You can take the opportunity to use a fixing gel product, or a serum to give fixation to the hairstyle, ensuring that it is in place at all times. The end result will be incredible. If you are curious to know how it will be, here you will find many images that can serve as curiosity to show the stylist how to do it.

But if you prefer a more classic or demure style, and you have no problem with your tickets being clearly visible, then try a shaved style (like those we have seen in the previous section). This type of cut is fascinating, and has the advantage that it helps us highlight all the features of the face, in addition to serving to achieve a more neat style. If you still want to improve it more, bet on growing a beard and fix it often.

To finish with this list of examples of men’s haircuts , you can also take a look at this selection of the most risky and daring. The idea is to get a twist to your tickets, and integrate them with your hair style. Believe it or not, it is possible to do them, and the truth is that the results are incredible for those people who are not afraid of anything, and who do not mind becoming the focus of all eyes.

Do you dare to wear this type of haircut for men? It is quite elaborate, since it requires combining textures, stripes and gradients. Here you can find some inspirational images that can come in handy.

So that you have more options to be inspired by, we have brought you a video in which the different haircuts for men are studied in more detail that will help you conceal or hide the entries completely. They will give you all the tricks you need to know to take advantage of the natural entries in your favor, to look spectacular without having to resort to the classic resource of having to shave all your hair continuously. Feel free to take a look at it, and give us your opinion in the comments.


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