We have prepared this text for those men who want to change their style, for those who take care of their image and like to follow the latest trends. And it is that men also have a lot to choose from, which is why we have made an interesting selection of men’s haircuts. You will be able to know how the most modern cuts are made through a succession of images that will not leave you indifferent.

You can find haircuts for younger men, in the style of their favorite footballers (such as Lionel Messi ), or Asian cuts. Older men will also be able to find a haircut that matches their style, such as Brad Pitt or David Beckham . And it is that men also needed an article where to study haircuts that really fit them.

When choosing a good haircut for men, a number of factors must be taken into account: firstly, the neck , and there are no 2 men who have it the same. The sideburns should also be studied, and the length of them will depend on the tastes of each one. And it is not only a matter of taste, but it is crucial that they are worn properly, with the corresponding type of face.

Different haircuts for men

Military style

The military style is one of the most popular in men, and we are talking about a type of cut with a long history behind it. It began its journey in the 20th century, being very popular among the military. Over the years, and with the end of the wars, many men continued to use it, although it no longer had anything to do with the military.

The great advantage of the military haircut for men is that the hairstyle required is minimal, allowing them to be perfect for any occasion, even those that occur from one moment to the next. This cut is characterized by requiring a shaving throughout the head, being the clear favorite by famous men from anywhere in the world. It is also very popular on the big fashion shows.

Another of its keys is that it works very well on any type of face, such as round, square, elongated, oval faces, etc.

Try this cut and you will see how good it looks on you!

Gradient style

If you want to try a much more daring cut, then we recommend trying the gradient . They are very fashionable and give the appearance of a man who likes to take care of his style. The best way to combine it is with a boat, also well cared for, although not overly populated.

Hipster haircut

The hipster trend is here to stay, and a good way to shape it is through hipster haircuts . It resists going out of style, and the proof of this is the amount of related haircuts that we can find. It is a type of haircut that is irresistible for women; It must be combined with a good haircut and a properly cared for beard. If you are single, try this new style and you will see how you fall in love.

Long haircut

Many women (and men) prefer men with long hair; As proof of this, we only have to see Brad Pitt’s men’s haircuts , who usually opts for the long cut style. It may be that you want to follow the latest trends, or that you do not like to step in the hairdresser, but, in any case, the result is obvious: it gives a rebellious touch and attracts a lot of attention. Again, the beard is the essential complement, since it will allow us to complete our masculinity .

More and more men are opting for long haircuts , a trend that continues to grow anywhere in the world. Things from the past always come back, and this is another of the fashions that refuse to leave us.

As good examples, we have Brad Pitt’s haircuts for example, it was done in that short wore pins with a catwalk show tips, helping you to have a look the most current.

Another haircut that many celebrities choose is the one with layers with bangs.

Nor can we forget to highlight the style of Jared Leto , who boasts of wearing a long hair with bangs also the most extensive. To give it even more life, it can be combined with Californian highlights . We have no doubt that it is one of the best styles we can find.


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