A very common mistake when it comes to getting a haircut is not taking into account the type of face. And it is that, to be able to properly exalt the factions, it will be necessary to keep it very present. So that you can see for yourself how important it is, we have dedicated ourselves to looking for different haircuts and how good they would look if they apply the right face.

But, first of all, you will have to identify what type of face you have: long, round, oval, rectangular, square or triangular face.

Round face

One of the famous men who have this type of face is Zac Efron . Of course, his round features have never been an impediment to not being able to wear the best haircuts. A good example is a style in which the hair was left to medium length and raised to the ends thanks to the classic appeal of the parting. This resource helps men look much more elegant and be the focus of all eyes.

Long face

Many men with long faces are not sure what type of cut to choose so that it is in tune with their features. There are many ways to get your hair to match your face, but you cannot choose the first style you come across. For this reason, we have carefully elaborated this section, so that you have where to choose if your face is elongated.

An interesting proposal is to reduce it to the lengths, and leave the rest so that it is a little long. It will help you to look serious, carefree, and with that point of rebellion that is fair to girls.

Oval face

If you are an oval-faced man, then you’d better go for a slightly more classic hair style. This type of face looks pretty good if you let your hair grow a little, thus achieving a good balance of all your features, obtaining balance. The great advantage of this type of face is its versatility, so it can be used with all kinds of effects and styles, for any event.

We have a good example of our own style in the character of Sylar from Heroes . It will be as easy to do as move it up completely and apply fixing gel to keep up with the daily rhythm. We really like the resulting style!

Rectangular face


If you still don’t know which haircut can look good for a rectangular face, this option will also seem the most interesting: bet on the scaled / degraffed ones . We have already seen how you can do it throughout the previous text, although here you can see much more detailed examples. You can style them using toupees, to achieve a very characteristic harmony on the face.

Do you want to improve it even more? Then dare to grow a little beard, and to keep it groomed. The result will be twice as good. But if you still haven’t decided on this style, take a look at different proposals before making your decision.

Square face

Many of the haircuts that we have been seeing throughout the article are also perfect for a square face, since it allows to highlight the features in detail. Being so versatile, we can give them the shape we want, knowing that they will look good. We offer you some good examples of haircuts for men with a square face in a gradient shape, to help you show off a completely different look. If you dare with this effect, we ask you to tell us how you have done throughout the comments.

Triangular face


We finish with men’s haircuts for a triangular face; It is similar to the rectangular type of face, with the particularity that the shape of the face lengthens a little more. Many men do not know what type of haircut can benefit them by having a triangular face.

A good proposal is to bet on a haircut that has enough quantity at the top, and they are a complete trend. They enhance the features and adapt to all types of men.


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