Hipster Hairstyle for Elegant Men

The haircuts for men hipster style are booming. Since 2019 they began to tread hard and it seems that the hipster style has reached its peak of success and does not feel like leaving.

It seems that he will stay among us for many years, and from here we appreciate it, since they are very flattering, if you know what court to choose and how to take it.

And to know which cut to select , the first thing we have to know is what is the hipster style . It belongs to a current, which emerged in the United States between 40 and 50, is a casual style with vintage brush strokes and touches with a lot of personality, rejecting consumerism and cool.

That is, to look elegantly neglected.

The hipsters guys love their horn-rimmed glasses and beards and mustaches very well maintained and with different accents, despite their enormous beards seem that, in many cases, are born that way. But, for nothing, everything takes care and your special touch to make a difference over others. And of course, we couldn’t forget a good hipster style haircut for daring and different men.

Hipster style haircuts for stylish men

We want to show you the different hipster haircuts for men so that you can choose the one that best suits you, your features and your style, and for this we have selected the most flattering styles for you, and even if you are not 100% hipster it will also be a Very good and current option.

In the end, we are not talking about wearing a crest that is a much riskier hairstyle than these …

Hipster boys love their beards and mustaches, as much as their glasses and hairstyles

Short hipster style haircut

The very sharp shaving on the sides, is an unequivocal hallmark of hipster short hair . But it always has to be accompanied by the longer upper part, which will have to be long enough to be able to wear it more naturally or be able to gum it or wax it, backwards or to the side.

If you already carried it back, gummed, you can give it more volume than you usually carry. Now is the time to dare, you will see how this style will highlight your full potential and make a difference !

Hipster style haircut with toupee

We can not forget the Tupé, one of the adopted hairstyles of the rock style by the hipster that has also reached the heart and head of many of the celebrities, from actors to footballers and models.

It is a very flattering hairstyle , in which you can play with the more marked or less, longer or shorter toupee, always with rock brushstrokes. And the best part is that not only will your beauty stand out but you will also be different, because you decide your style.

It will also be a perfect hairstyle for any time of the day.

Hipster and long haircut

The long hair for the hipster is just as important as the side shaving, they are hallmarks that are marked in their style. The longer style can be very flattering for hipsters and they want to differentiate themselves from the rest.

You can take it “crazy” or picked up at the top with a small bun or in a disheveled ponytail.

You can also bet on the long and shaved haircut . This style is very similar to the short one, but what makes the main difference is that the upper part is much longer than in the first cut, since in this case we will leave it below the ears, creating a mane.

This haircut allows us to make a ponytail or small bun, widely used in hipster style.

You can leave your hair longer, with volume and with a more wild appearance. But the natural does not mean wearing it or disheveled and much less neglected.

Hipster style requires hair and hair care , if you are hipster, you must respect the rules. You can also pick up that mane in a ponytail in the middle of the most disheveled head, or high bunches, at least half up.

The haircut for long and curly hair , is usually more square hair with small layers, to give extra volume and body, and further define your natural curl.

If your hair is at the other end, that is, it is straight and you are one of those who have opted for long hair, your best option is a mane cut with light layers, so as not to discharge it excessively but which in turn provides mobility and volume The hipster style bets more on volume than straight hair and ironing to the fullest.

If you are clear that you like long hair and long hair , but it bothers you too much the hair on the face or you always get bored of wearing it, you can get a good hair or wax that brings shine and apply it on your hair back. You’ll see what a flawless hipster roll.

If, on the other hand, you are loose , you will have the option of combing it with stripe in the middle or to the side, you will have many styles to choose from, each day you can vary your hairstyle without leaving the “roll” more hipster.

Half-length hipster haircut

The bob is not the styles followed by most hipster but is following with great force. Remember that if you want to differentiate yourself from others, this trend is less seen and used.

The actor Michael Huisman , is one of those who have thought so and have decided to bet on this haircut. A medium mane that always looks flawless despite giving a feeling of naturalness.

You will be wondering what it is. It is simply to leave the upper layers longer but without reaching the shoulders, the ideal length would be below the ears, at most. This style of mane is combed all the way back and at the same time to the side, giving a disheveled appearance.

If you decide to cut it like the actor Michael Huisman or if your mane is more square, better comb it with the disheveled tips. Very flattering and little seen.

So far our post on hipster haircuts for men , we hope that among all those who have presented you, you will find the cut that you like the most, and the one that best suits your most hipster and personalized style.