Hairstyles that Suit all Men

In this beginning of the year, we want to make a small review of the hairstyles that all men feel good and that will be very fashionable during 2018 that has started strongly.

If you have already tired of your usual hairstyle or are simply thinking about a change of look , you are in luck, you have arrived at the perfect place.

Take good note of all hairstyles and dare with any of them, remember that you have 12 months to try them all

You are able?

If you are ready, we begin our list of the 8 hairstyles that all men feel good .

Examples of Hairstyles that favor all men

Let’s go with the first one, which you might not have thought, but surely if you try it, you will like it.

The Tupé

Taller, shorter, longer or shorter, gummed or more disheveled, the toupee is the king of hairstyles for men and the best ally for any man and face type.

For this reason, the toupee is the oldest fashion hairstyle in history. Who doesn’t remember Elvis with his famous toupee?

The toupee

The main trick to wear an always perfect toupee is the haircut made by professionals and visits to the hairdresser. And of course, a good comb accompanied by lacquer or fixative to keep it at bay throughout the day.

Is it the ideal hairstyle for you? If you don’t see it clearly, don’t worry we have 7 hairstyles for another man . We continue

Messy hair

To this type of hairstyle , our grandmothers would say something like, son, today you have not combed your hair, have you got up late and forgot to pass your comb? Or something similar. But the grandmother is the grandmother and we let her tell us what she wants.

For once in a lifetime, we don’t quite agree with our grandmother. This messy hair hairstyle is up to date and favors all types of faces .

Messy hair

And now comes the part where we have to prove our grandmothers’ wisdom again. You can not get up and run, this type of disheveled hairstyle , has to be carefully messy, and fix it with jelly or wax , so that it is perfect throughout the day.

In the end the devil knows more by old than by devil.

Mohican hairstyle

It is a much more daring hairstyle , since it has shaved the sides, and very sharp the crest but gives you a rebellious air, much harder, but with a chic touch. In addition, shaving the sides is fashionable, also in women.

Mohican hairstyle

The Mohican hairstyle favors you by leaving your face left, yes, it is a type of hairstyle that needs care. You should go more often to the hairdresser to take care of the length of the crest and the perfect shaving of the sides in addition to time each morning to keep it always perfect and impeccable.

But nobody said that being handsome or perfect all day was not hard.

Short hair

You may think that short hair is more classic, but today there are many short styles.

Short hair

It is ideal for men who prefer comfort, or who are not very skilled with the dryer , irons or simply need a more formal hairstyle for their type of work or tastes when dressing, and all this while continuing to go to Fashion.

Well, even if you think it’s a lie, the haircut is like that. It is the so-called side haircut. You fix it with jelly or gel and you are ready to go out with your friends, go to a work meeting or to the gym. And always perfect.

Curly hair

It is true, that we have a season that curly hair is not very famous, and we do not understand why.

If your hair is curly, let it grow, we do not tell you to leave the long hair, we mean let it grow type toupee, although you rap the sides, and mark the curl well, it will give you a touch to the last, and on top it will give the sensation If you have much more hair and with one more addition, you will stand out from the rest.

Curly hair

From here we ask you to see those curly hairs again, which are so flattering.

Long hair

You are tired of wearing short hair, toupee or any other style, and you have decided to leave it long, perfect, but remember that long hair needs much more care. Brush it daily, untangle it, comb it, wash it and moisturize it. Because if you don’t do all this, it will simply give you a careless look and nothing flattering.

Long hair

A half mane, will give you a more romantic and tender touch and on top of that you save time and money since you will have to go less to the hairdresser.

Remember that right now the mane for men are carried with volume, and with a stripe to the side. Forget straight hair, nothing flattering on the other hand.

Short bangs

We could not forget the bangs so last this season, which is on par with the toupee.

This type of hairstyle is an excellent ally to hide the entrances , since it leaves the sides shaved, and the entire upper part longer. This part is what we will take to the front in the form of bangs, detaching it so that it is uneven.

It will give you a very modern touch, with a more childish brushstroke and a careful look.

Bleach hair

If you are looking for a change look, but you like your haircut, and do not feel like changing it, we encourage you to bet on bleaching hair .

Bleach hair

If you wear a tupé it will look amazing, if you have long hair you can give some wicks, if your hair is short and you have side bangs, it will give you a more modern touch.

Dare and remember that you can always return to your color without problem.

So far the 8 hairstyles that make all men feel good, as we always expect your comments, doubts, questions and advice.

And remember, to always look perfect, it is best to wear the hairstyle that makes you feel more comfortable, although risking in life is not bad either.