If you have little hair and are getting bald or if you don’t know how to hide your tickets, here you can find hairstyles and haircuts for men with little hair , so you don’t have to worry anymore, because baldness doesn’t have to mean bad cuts of hair.

If you can not do a hairstyle for men with long hair or a hairstyle for men with short hair , there are more possibilities for hairstyles for men , even if you have  little hair .

Baldness is a hereditary condition that is impossible to avoid, except for using some treatments (such as hair transplants and prescription drugs), but not impossible to hide or simply make a good haircut or hairstyle that looks good despite having little hair. We also have a tutorial on how to make a toupee if that’s what you’re looking for.

There are many possibilities beyond over- combing (long hair that combs on baldness to cover them), which fails to hide baldness and is not very flattering.

Haircuts for men with little hair

Since it is a very widespread problem among men , a good haircut for those who suffer from alopecia are the short layers that give volume and movement or let the top hair grow a little and cut the hair on the sides , in the style of the crew cut . In addition, you can tailor a simple hairdo of haircut according to face shape .

How to hide the entries

To hide your tickets a good trick is to let some hair grow as a front bangs to cover hair loss , as well as leave the hair of the temples a little longer to give the feeling that you have more. Fix your bangs with hair wax or gel and you will have a hairstyle for men depending on the type of face  that nothing has to envy to those who do not suffer from alopecia.

You can also consider the option of leaving your hair a little longer and opt for a scruffy hairstyle that hides the lack of hair; On the contrary, you can ask your hairdresser to make a short or directly shaved haircut if you don’t like long or semi-long hair .

You can choose between several haircuts for men with tickets and then we propose some of them for you to take ideas.

How to hide baldness in the crown

The best haircut to mask the baldness in the crown is short hair so that the contrast between the abundant hair zone and the hair absence zone is less noticeable .

The use of products to give body and volume, shampoos against hair loss or take vitamins are other possibilities that you can consider to complement these tricks to hide baldness .