You already know that there are hairstyles for men with little hair to hide baldness and entrances , hairstyles for men with long hair and hairstyles for men with short hair . But also, you can adapt your hair style to the style with which you identify more: hipster , K-Pop or any other urban style , such as punk , rock, skater or emo .

You should also know that it is very easy to make yourself simple and current hairstyles ; Whether you are a young man or a mature man , you can wear haircuts and male hairstyles in the latest fashion .

How to comb hipster style

The hipster style is in fashion and there is no doubt about that. Long hair or long hair collected in a high disheveled and casual bun with a good beard is the perfect combination. In addition, if you are a little lost in how to trim your beard or in what type of beard is best suited to your look, there are many alternatives. Although if you prefer short hair , you can cut it undercut style for men .

How to comb K-Pop style

The K-Pop or Korean pop music is a genre of music ranging from electronic dance music, hip hop, rap or rock to R & B , and which has resulted in a style known as K-Pop has spread worldwide , beyond the men of South Korea .

If you want to think like a Korean K-Pop man , the most frequent thing is to grow a long bangs or if you are more daring, dye your hair a risky color .

How to comb according to urban style

There are several urban styles so that men know how to comb their hair according to the style they like best. They can wear a punk, rock, skater or emo hairstyle explained below. Choose the haircut for men that fits your personality.


Head shaved to zero on both sides and a long crest in the middle of the head combed upside down with a fixative, and if you dye it with daring colors , the better.


The rockers are characterized by their very casual and scruffy style . Many opt for long and disheveled hair , although there are those who prefer it short .


Many times they can be confused with hipsters . The skateboarder style has some similarities with the hipster, especially in the casual style and also surfing . If you wear accessories such as caps or caps , you will get a much more skater touch .


If you identify with the emos , you will have to let your hair grow , especially a bangs that cover your face. Dye black and use the iron to comb your hair forward .

How to make easy and current hairstyles

If you want to make a hairstyle for men in the latest fashion , you do not need to go to the hairdresser, because you can discover what haircut suits you according to the shape of your face and you can also learn what hairstyle for men according to type of curly hair , Wavy or smooth you can favor more, whether you are a young man or if you are a mature man , do not forget to follow the latest trends .